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    READ ME DARKLY Ban Appeal Template + READ ME DARKLY Server Rules

    Guest, Ban Appeal threads are for the player appealing and the banning Admin to respond to. All other posts will be removed at the Moderator's discretion.

READ ME Ban Appeal Template [Effective: August 31, 2011]

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals & Ban Requests' started by Darkly, Aug 31, 2012.

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  1. Darkly

    Darkly Gaming Network Staff Member

    Information on Bans can be found on:

    DARKLY Rules can be found on:

    In order to appeal your ban on DARKLY servers, you must use the following template in your ban appeal post. Failure to follow this format will result in your thread being ignored and deleted within 24 hours. Please fill in every field, especially your Steam ID.

    In the 'State your case' section, please add any information that is pertinent to your ban (the map, time, etc...), and why you feel you should be unbanned.


    How To Help Yourself

    1. Be Honest. Being honest with us will let us know you are sincere about being unbanned. There will likely be many witnesses to whatever it is you were banned for. If you appeal your ban based on lies, we will find out.

    2. Be Polite. Being banned, if it was unwarranted, can be frustrating. However, if you try to appeal your ban while being rude, you can be guaranteed that you will be ignored. Show the community some respect, and you will get the same back. In short, watch your temper.

    3. Do Not Make Excuses. You are responsible for your own behavior, and the behavior of anyone else that you allow to use your Steam ID. Blaming your little brother, friend, girlfriend, neighbor, etc… will get you nowhere in your appeal.

    *If the reason for your ban is listed as "KAC" you will not be unbanned under any circumstances.
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