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Battlefield 1

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Carns, May 6, 2016.

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  1. Carns

    Carns TD Admin

    EA/Dice released the first trailer for Battlefield 1 today, about an hour ago. They're taking us back to World War I, with whatever spin they decide to go with. It looks a little interesting, some of the areas/scenes/maps could be interesting, but you know... EA.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Hopes? Dreams?
  2. Steve

    Steve TD Admin | Bacon

    Rumors are DLC's will take us to WWII also.

  3. OG buckshot jr

    OG buckshot jr TD Admin

    Straight movie hype. I need to see game and gameplay. These pre-rendered movies that are labelled as trailers make me sick. I trust ZERO game devs out there.

    That said, the amount of playtime I've gotten out of Battlefield the last few years has far surpassed all other games I own, period. So, chances are I'll be buying. I just need to see the actual game to make sure it's not another Hardline sneak-scam.
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  4. Steve

    Steve TD Admin | Bacon

    EA/DICE admitting CoD's once a year game release plan is shit and that they won't try to do it anymore, really gives me hope. I was reading a dev blog where he was basically shitting on Hardline looool.

    There is nothing but blind hype and hate before game release. Its time to throw the dice(pun intended) Buckshot Jr. Buy day one and play with all the TD bros and doobs/bucky and risk wasting $60($70? $80?) on what could be a shitty EA game OR continue to do what I do, and continue to play a game or games you don't even like that much lol.
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  5. Steve

    Steve TD Admin | Bacon

    *Crazy Koran Businessman at the black jack table* GAMBA!!!!
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  6. OG buckshot jr

    OG buckshot jr TD Admin

    For sure, and that's why I say I'll most likely be buying. I'm really glad I exercised caution with Hardline. Whaaaaaaaaat a scam. My bro bought it and was luckily able to return it for a full refund after I advised him to get a hold of EA.

    I just want to see what it's all about. If it's a full release, I'm pretty much in as I'm still having fun with BF4. What you say is right - with the bro's is all that matters, and bucky, Doobs and I will be there.
  7. Carns

    Carns TD Admin

    I've been on the fence about it. I may wait until they do the beta before I make a final decision. I've got friends that I've known for years that are very interested in it since it's gone back to WWI, plus there seems to be a lot of interest with some of the TD guys. The more that I ask, the more likely it seems I'll be buying it.

    Definitely looking forward to actual gameplay footage though, very interested in seeing how it plays out.

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  9. E|ement^ #Torontogaming

    E|ement^ #Torontogaming DARKLY Regular

    Ive been a fan of the BF series, I have b3 and 4 and i loved them, I love WW1/2 Shooters so I will definitely be picking this one up!
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This thread is more than 365 days old.

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