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  1. Fetus_Deletus.exe

    Fetus_Deletus.exe DARKLY Regular
    Heres a link to my SteamRep. Ive never really used it before, most of my rep is in my comment section of Steam Profile (which i will link)
    Link to profile! Feel free to add or send an offer​
    Heres a link to my bp! ^^^^ so you can see the prices. Everything on pages 9 and 10 is for sale.
    I will list everything here but just use for prices, and if you have questions, just ask!
    (Im not listing regular weapons)(Painted Items with an * next it are charged for paint)

    Preferably Pure but will listen to offers
    • Factory New Blitzkreig Knife
    • Field-Tested Coffin Nail Sticky Launcher
    • Field-Tested Butcher Bird Minigun
    • Field-Tested Coffin Nail Flamethrower
    • Factory New Coffin Nail Minigun
    • Minimal Wear Wildwood Revolver
    • Factory New Civic Duty Shotgun
    • Strange Festive Wrangler
    • Strange Ambassador
    • Antarctic Parka (Painted Musklemannbraun)
    • The Unshaved Bear (Painted Australium)*
    • Menpo
    • Winter Backup
    • 2x Gift Bringer
    • Hot Heels
    • Rail Spikes
    • Siberian Sweater
    • Crone's Dome (Painted Team Spirit)*
    • White Russian (Painted Australium)*
    • Strange Space Diver
  2. Fetus_Deletus.exe

    Fetus_Deletus.exe DARKLY Regular

    All the cosmetics are gone. Only a few skinned weapons left. I will be getting more inventory soon.

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This thread is more than 365 days old.

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