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  1. Original Thread Credit Brades
    Welcome to DARKLY Trade. The following list of rules applies to the DARKLY Trade Forum.
    • Please show other members and admins respect.
    • Do not create multiple threads in the same forum.
    • Mark your items as sold if they are no longer for sale.
    • You may bump your thread ONCE every 24 hours.
    • Do not hijack a users thread. Please start your own.
    • Do not mislead a user by falsifying an item.
    • Link your SteamRep profile in the original post of your thread. Ensure you do this so people can add you accordingly!
    • If you have a Reputation Tracker or Thread, link that in here as well. Failing to do so will result in your thread being locked!
    By using this forum you agree to these rules.

    Please note: DARKLY servers are connected to the SteamRep network. If you are caught scamming you will be reported and banned from both DGN and ALL SteamRep connected servers.

    DARKLY Gaming Network is not responsible for any transactions on this forum. Trade at your own risk!

    Thank you and enjoy your time here at DARKLY!

    More information about Trade and Trading in general for specific games can be found here:
  2. Just a little reminder as I apparently have to restate the obvious to you all:

    I have noticed SEVERAL threads over the last year that did not meet this criteria, as we are starting to have more and more items go missing I thought it would be only fair to warn you that any thread that fails to meet the above, such as missing SR and/or Backpack link, incomplete information, or failing to notify and close your thread once the trade is finished, will result in your thread closed, locked and notes added.

    Do it enough times and you will lose privileges to trade here.
  3. To restate it again, things I have noticed are:

    Lack of a Trade Prefix (YOU MUST USE ONE)
    Lack of Contact Info (SR block and/or TF2 Outpost/Bazaar/etc link)
    Lack of trade details (When you are finished with your trade, DO NOT DELETE THE OP, just make a double post, if necessary, to state it has been sold, then CLOSE your thread)
    Lack of upkeep (If your inventory changes, notate it in a post and edit in the OP by crossing out what you no longer have. Do not just delete it!)
    Lack of upkeep (If you are no longer selling, close the thread or change it to Trade or Buy, which ever is applicable)
    Lack of upkeep (Remember, a lot of users come by looking for things, you want to state the obvious, quick, easy, painless information in a clean format so that their time is not taken away. A lot of traders will not look through a messy, crappy thread.)

    I will continue to close and lock threads that fail to improve. This is not a 'classified' section, this is a section where we do business.
  4. You MUST have your Steam Account connected to your Forum Account in order to leave trade threads here.

    Traders failing to use the Steam Login and/or integrating their Steam Accounts with their forum account will not be allowed to trade.
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