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  1. Guest, we are looking for good Team Fortress 2 Trade Server Staff Members

    TF2 Staff Members have access to in-game administrative abilities to aid in server control, and help in the development of Darkly TF2 as a whole

DENIED DGNDackadoo's Staff Application for TF2 Servers

Discussion in 'TF2 Staff Applications' started by DGNDackadoo, May 21, 2016.

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  1. DGNDackadoo

    DGNDackadoo I'm New Here

    Game Handle(s): DGNDackadoo, DGNDackadoo#Make5GreatAgain
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:67219971
    Previous Clan/Community affiliations: None
    Real First Name: James
    Current Age: 18
    Location: Houston, Texas
    Which DARKLY TF2 servers do you play on: I play on Darkly TF2 servers #5 and #2.
    Why do you want to be a DARKLY TF2 Admin: I want to become a Darkly TF2 Admin so I can help make Darkly servers better and give the people on the servers a better experience. Ive been playing on Darkly servers quite awhile now and so many times I have seen people misbehaving and just making the overall server experience bad for other people but because there was no admins on no one could do anything about it. I really want to help enforce the server rules but also let people have fun on the servers and just make the experience better for everyone. I also want to be very open to people because I feel that some people think they cant talk to the staff and I guess they think the staff are scary. I want to be able to help people with questions about the server or about the Darkly community and just be as helpful as possible. I just want everyone to have the same great experience I have had while playing on Darkly servers. Thank you for considering me.
    YES/NO Questions:

    Do you have a minimum of 1 month on the server with at least 60 hours of play? Yes
    Do you have a microphone? Yes
    Are you in good standing with the community? Yes
    Are you at least 18 years of age? Yes
  2. Gamer Mk 1ᴰᴳᴺ

    Gamer Mk 1ᴰᴳᴺ I'm New Here

    Wish you good luck, you'll need it


  3. Keskele

    Keskele Senior TF2 Staff

    Hey bud.

    So what's your ideas on how to make the server a better experience? We see these statements on a lot of the apps. we get. Just wanna pick your brain on what your plans are.
  4. DGNDackadoo

    DGNDackadoo I'm New Here

    I would just like to enforce the rules so no one will be annoyed by any rule breakers or trolls and also I'd like to host server games, give people bumper cars, etc.
  5. DGNDackadoo

    DGNDackadoo I'm New Here

    Could someone close this application because i dont really play on any of the darkly servers anymore. Rest in peace Darklys, Ive had great times playing on your servers.
  6. Keskele

    Keskele Senior TF2 Staff

    DGNDackadoo likes this.
  7. Tick Tock Man

    Tick Tock Man Senior TF2 Admin Staff Member

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