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NEWS Forum Upgrade + AIDS

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Shotgun Jesus, Aug 18, 2014.

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  1. Shotgun Jesus

    Shotgun Jesus Professional Cocksucker Staff Member

    If you haven't noticed, the forum is Brains/Spinny. We have upgraded to the latest forum software, something we were weary about doing, and now you know why. It broke the last theme (we could buy it again) and most plugins, so here we are.

    There is a lot that needs fixing and tweaking, so please excuse any excessive AIDS for the next few days.

    Checklist to treat AIDS:
    • Maybe bring back option for updated version of last theme as an option to users
    • Modify this Dark theme, add the Light version as an option to users
    • Fix that ugly ass front page portal
    • Get Lirbox showing properly in sidebar
    • Make all our stupid memes work on dark background
    • Continue to abuse Brains
    If you can't see Lirbox yet, go to http://darklygaming.com/forum/chat/

    The theme is responsive, so it will make the necessary design changes to fit on whatever display you're using. It will function much better for those of you who do not have Tapatalk (Android, iOS)

    It's now 5:57am, I'm going to sleep. Rest in piss.

    Last edited: Aug 18, 2014
  2. Low Budget

    Low Budget DGN Staff Staff Member

  3. nb

    nb DARKLY Regular

    *Takes suitcase, and heads to Skial*

    Nice knowing ya, Darkly.
  4. Brains

    Brains TD Admin (and LiR)

    Eww wtf is this?? Forum is brains :notsure:
  5. Low Budget

    Low Budget DGN Staff Staff Member


    It's gonna go back to normal you derps. Everytime you upgrade forum versions, there are gonna be compatibility issues with the themes, plugins etc. SJ and I just have to iron things back to the way they were.
    Although we should keep a derped version just for @Brains for the lols.

    Sent from my Q10 using Tapatalk 2
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  6. Brains

    Brains TD Admin (and LiR)

    Where's chatbox?
  7. Low Budget

    Low Budget DGN Staff Staff Member

    :brains: :fuckingbrains:

    Learn how to read...


    Sent from my Q10 using Tapatalk 2
  8. Brains

    Brains TD Admin (and LiR)

    Lolol :ohh:
  9. Sushicutter

    Sushicutter TD Admin

    Lirbox doesn't work for me... "Mysqli prepare error: Table 'darkly_xen.dark_taigachat_activity' doesn't exist" shows up instead
  10. zackychuu

    zackychuu TD Admin / Wanker

    Thought I had loaded the wrong fucking website before seeing this thread...
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  11. Brades

    Brades Bailer Staff Member

    This is all Brains fault

  12. Fiend

    Fiend Senior TF2 Admin

    When Brains posts in a thread, i automatically hit the report button. Instantly.
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  13. Glocky

    Glocky Drinking your tears

    At least the update only borked the themes, memes and minor stuff. If it had borked the database of users and posts .... ew.
  14. Slawek

    Slawek TD Admin

    indeed. GL with the work ahead
  15. 14bux

    14bux Senior TF2 Admin

    I think I broke it when I attempted to change the theme back at the bottom of the page. :fffeel:
  16. Cmp™

    Cmp™ Retired Scrub

    So I guess I'm the only one that likes this theme? :foreveralone:
  17. swan

    swan DARKLY Regular

  18. Thanatos

    Thanatos TD Member

    New theme hurts my face, forum broken. Not sure how I'll make it through the day now.
  19. Cmp™

    Cmp™ Retired Scrub

    :feelscry: my mobile died
  20. Low Budget

    Low Budget DGN Staff Staff Member

    When I get home from work, I will be helping SJ with getting all the latest plugins and all that jazz.

    Sent from my Q10 using Tapatalk 2
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This thread is more than 365 days old.

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