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Hey I am new here!

Discussion in 'Hey, I'm New Here!' started by Matt | DGN ™, Sep 16, 2017.

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  1. Matt | DGN ™

    Matt | DGN ™ I'm New Here

    Hey DGN! I am new to the DGN forums although I am not new to the servers I have 100+ hours on server 2 and if need be I can be active on all! I enjoy the community I have got to know some of the normal players you see daily like SIr X: and Jared of course. I spend most of my day on darkly or atleast afking it! The staff are nice people and care for the server and are willing to help!
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  2. PointsofAuthority

    PointsofAuthority DARKLY Regular

    Speaks German and English

    Guten Tag and Welcome to the forums
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  3. Keskele

    Keskele Senior TF2 Staff

  4. Sir X:

    Sir X: TF2 Staff | UberLag

    Good you have mentioned me...nah jk. Welcome to darkly Matt, enjoy your stay, and don't forget to feed Kesk.
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  5. BannerWolf

    BannerWolf I'm New Here

    Welcome dude. Enjoy the craziness that is the forms.
  6. Argentina_158

    Argentina_158 DARKLY Regular

    Welcome to the Forums Matt just remember to praise Pepsi Man before you go to bed.
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Thread Status:
This thread is more than 365 days old.

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