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Hey, Im Not Really New Here

Discussion in 'Hey, I'm New Here!' started by DGNDackadoo, May 21, 2016.

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  1. DGNDackadoo

    DGNDackadoo I'm New Here

    Hi my real name is James but I mainly go by the name of Dackadoo. This is long overdue considering how long I've been playing on Darkly Servers. I like to play games such as TF2, Hearthstone, and StarCraft II, mainly TF2 though. I'm also just starting to get into mvm so if you ever need a extra player I would love to join you. Hopefully I've made a good impression on everyone in the quite long time Ive been playing on the Darkly TF2 Servers, particularly #2 and #5.

    Thank you everyone for reading this and letting me be a member of this thriving community.
  2. Mad Man With A Saxophone

    Mad Man With A Saxophone DARKLY Regular

    Hey! You finally made the thread!

    Welcome (I think) :3
  3. Lochnessmaster

    Lochnessmaster DARKLY Regular

    Suh dude, welcome
  4. Gamer Mk 1ᴰᴳᴺ

    Gamer Mk 1ᴰᴳᴺ I'm New Here

    A new thread 0_0

    Nah just kidding, nice to see a new friendly face from someone new?
  5. HappySticks™

    HappySticks™ TD Admin


  6. Keskele

    Keskele Senior TF2 Staff

    :amused: Welcome to AIDS!!
    DGNDackadoo and AvengerofDeath2 like this.
  7. omission

    omission TD Admin

    Welcome my belated friend. It’s about time you join the organization. We have our standards though, you must be capable of consuming alcohol or some sort of narcotics. Furthermore, you must endure boundless name-calling and other abuses. Should you decide to accept the above conditions, then I’m looking forward to assassinate you in game. Cheers!!
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  8. Keskele

    Keskele Senior TF2 Staff

    You forgot to mention that Tuesday is dick-pic night around here.
    DGNDackadoo and omission like this.
  9. DarkPaladinPrime

    DarkPaladinPrime TF2 Staff

    Hey Dack I have seen you a lot on the servers. Welcome to the forums!
    DGNDackadoo likes this.
  10. Thanatos

    Thanatos TD Member

  11. Mizz

    Mizz DARKLY Fiend

    who are u
  12. DGNDackadoo

    DGNDackadoo I'm New Here

    Im just a regular on the Darkly TF2 servers
  13. PointsofAuthority

    PointsofAuthority DARKLY Regular

    Hi, and thanks for the tf2 beta comp pass
  14. DGNDackadoo

    DGNDackadoo I'm New Here

    Your welcome. Always looking to help people.
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 365 days old.

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