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Discussion in 'Sports, Music, & Entertainment' started by B.From.Acc, May 26, 2010.

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  1. B.From.Acc

    B.From.Acc TD Admin

    Anyone is free to post, but the point of this thread is I wanted to post from time to time a new band or music group or DJ single/duo that I've found recently; or that I've known for some time and that some of you might like. I have had an account on [link=][/link] for the past 2.5 years so I may or may not get music by the truck load (digital of course). But there is always more music to discover.

    And many of you may not like the music posted. But oh well, you can post what you like too. But there is order to this thread, please.

    -NO just posting a link to a youtube video or myspace page. You can do that, but please include:

    Band Name

    -What genre. + Where they're from. (gives an idea of their inspiration)

    -How long you've been listening to them (if you want, just gives us an idea of how legit they might be, we all hear catchy tunes and listen to it for a couple weeks and then ditch it. but if there is a band you've been listening to for years and others might like it too, then please share).

    -Link to their wikipedia page.

    -Link to their myspace/media site for listening/watching a music video.
  2. B.From.Acc

    B.From.Acc TD Admin

  3. Cloudkicker

    - Metal/Shoegaze/Instrumental, UK

    - 1 yr

    - [link=][/link]

    One man band. All his music is available for download free. Chill shit, good Meshuggah vibe.
  4. B.From.Acc

    B.From.Acc TD Admin

  5. wh1te

    wh1te TD Member

    In Flames

    - Melodic Death Metal from Sweden

    - about 2-3 years now, and they still have me listening to them after going though multiple metal phases. Some favorite songs, easily found on youtube, are Freefall, Only for the Weak, and Cloud Connected.

    [link=hyperlink url][/link]
    [link=hyperlink url][/link]
    [link=hyperlink url][/link]

    - [link=hyperlink url][/link]

    - [link=hyperlink url][/link]

    @Keeripes - nice find for instrumental, that guy is sick, and needs a vocalist/band. Circle of Contempt and Periphery, along with Meshuggah share the same traits with experimental/technical/death metal \,,/,
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  6. omission

    omission TD Admin


    - Thrash Metal/Netherlands

    - 5 Years

    - Playing a blend of hardcore with catchy rock riffs. Founded in the summer of 2003 as a four piece, the band recorded a demo which was released in the beginning of 2004, received rave reviews. OMISSION recorded their first full length “Refuse Regress”, which was released by Reflections Records in June 2005.OMISSION recorded 4 brand new songs which will be released in the near future.
  7. sir-drek

    sir-drek TD Admin

    Zeds Dead

    - Dubstep

    - 1 month


    - Producer/DJ duo from Toronto, still unsigned but play gigs all over. Mainly know for their remixes, but have a few original tracks too.
  8. B.From.Acc

    B.From.Acc TD Admin

  9. City and Colour

    Folk/country/rock tyoe

    couple years

    not everyones cup of tea, I listen to everything though, just think this guy is going to be huge one day
  10. iSeize

    iSeize TD Admin

    dallas greene is already pretty huge
  11. .44 caliber

    .44 caliber TD Admin

    City and Colour IS awesome
  12. .44 caliber

    .44 caliber TD Admin

  13. Steve

    Steve TD Admin | Bacon

  14. Shortbus

    Shortbus Professional Cocksucker

  15. .44 caliber

    .44 caliber TD Admin

  16. Shortbus

    Shortbus Professional Cocksucker

    [quote1303330085=.44 CALiBER]
    <embed src="" width="420" height="250" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always"></embed>

    Haha, the song from 50 first dates. Nice little remix of the original. Apparently he plays the instrument in the song too. Too bad he passed away, he was quite talented.
  17. B.From.Acc

    B.From.Acc TD Admin

  18. OG buckshot jr

    OG buckshot jr TD Admin

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn he finer than a MOTHAfucka!
  19. B.From.Acc

    B.From.Acc TD Admin

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