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    Available on the Steam Store (and technically, the uPlay Store), from June 2, 2016 through June 19, 2016, you can now purchase Rainbow 6 Siege Starter's Edition, priced at $15 USD/$19.50 CAD. With it, you get two randomly selected Operators (either combo of Rook, Mute, Smoke, Sledge, Ash, Fuze) as well as 600 silly Rainbow 6 Credits (think when XBOX Live used points or whatever the fuck it was) to buy two more (300 R6C per additional Base Operator, 600 R6C for the Seasonal Operators).

    You also have full access to all of the content in the Standard Edition has, the only real difference being the cost of unlocking the rest of the Base Operators; 12,500 Renown Points per Operator (25,000 Renown Points for the Seasonal Operators; same as the Standard Edition).

    A few of us already have the game, and enjoy it, so you might as well come check it out with us!

    More info here

    This can also double as a discussion thread for the game as well. Thoughts? Opinions? Hate? 10 Man?

    uPlay account: Carns47
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Thread Status:
This thread is more than 365 days old.

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