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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AbsolD, Dec 8, 2017.

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  1. AbsolD

    AbsolD I'm New Here

    So, as far as I can tell, all Darkly TF2 activity ceased right around the October updates. I keep looking for any hints about what's going on, and best I can tell it's all about PUBG now.

    Are the Darkly TF2 servers well and truly dead?

    If I missed some notification/post/whatever (besides the "PUBG Is Our Master Now"), by all means flame away.

  2. Keskele

    Keskele Senior TF2 Staff

    TF2 servers are pretty well gone until further notice man. We'll let ya know if/when they come back.
  3. PointsofAuthority

    PointsofAuthority DARKLY Regular

    Blame civord
    TankClash likes this.
  4. AbsolD

    AbsolD I'm New Here

    Well nuts. Thanks
  5. TankClash

    TankClash TF2 Staff | Chief Peon

    Current server admins are MIA, they have control... the people who PAY real money for it, do not have any kind of control regarding actual TF2 logistics(unless they do, then please come swooping in and save us), the payments stop at the end of the month. Get Tick tock man or Gatherix's attention and we're in business... if not. we're gonna have to wait... until then taking the servers off the grid completely at the end of the month... given their current state seems more feasible given their current usability/state... These things aren't free you know.
  6. AbsolD

    AbsolD I'm New Here

    Yeah I know nothing's free, I've been chipping in $ where I could to help. It's just too bad, I thought it'd be especially fun to hang around trade #2 around the holidays.
  7. ♥Captain Vor♥

    ♥Captain Vor♥ DARKLY Regular

    If ya want I can give away my unusual to yall. My 56 key one. Just saying if donating will even help out I'm willing to. t(;-;t)
    AbsolD likes this.
  8. AbsolD

    AbsolD I'm New Here

    Though not quite as generous as Captain Vor, I'd make a cash donation to admin(s) who could bring the server(s) back for some holiday festivities!
  9. PointsofAuthority

    PointsofAuthority DARKLY Regular

    Thats really generous, but most of the admins dont know how to fix or bring the server back
  10. Keskele

    Keskele Senior TF2 Staff

  11. AbsolD

    AbsolD I'm New Here

    Thanks Tick for bringing the servers back up!!!
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  12. Tick Tock Man

    Tick Tock Man Senior TF2 Admin Staff Member

    Sorry things went south there for a while guys - I know how frustrating that can be.

    I'll not make excuses, but simply add that events in real life conspired to direct my energies and attention elsewhere.
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Thread Status:
This thread is more than 365 days old.

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