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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gatherix, May 31, 2015.

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  1. Gatherix

    Gatherix Death by Darkly

    Mildly considering studying in Toronto; got any info or input on the area that'd be helpful to know? City, climate, etc? I'm in the US.
  2. Remy

    Remy TD Member / Gay Gyoza

    Prepare the anus.
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  3. DARKLY | Pixar's Ham

    DARKLY | Pixar's Ham DARKLY Regular

    learn how to say sorry a lot, or everyone's going to think you're an asshole
  4. dead mike

    dead mike TD Member, Legend, Puncher of Faces, Chatbox King

    What school you thinking about going to? In my travels I would say it's a great city with no bad areas in the daytime or really anytime. The winter is a bitch but if you get a parka and some waterproof boots it's easily manageable. Minimum wage is around $11-15 and jobs in that range are abundant... Pussy money weed all day. :relaxing:
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  5. Brades

    Brades Bailer Staff Member

    Learn punjabi
  6. nb

    nb DARKLY Regular

    Toronto = busy place. You got people walking everywhere, cars driving places, and lots and lots of traffic.
    I know this isn't in Toronto, and assuming you're still in university, you might wanna study in McMaster University. My sister goes there studying kinesiology, and has successful grades.

    You can probably get a low-paying job like McD's or something like that to get some easy money, or you can study hard to become a doctor.. They made good $$$ - Oh, and if you somehow come across the University Health Network, say hi to my mom for me. <3
  7. OG buckshot jr

    OG buckshot jr TD Admin

    This. And don't study at UofT (university of Toronto). They're a tougher school for the same shit you can find elsewhere. They've got their noses in the air, it's sort of the ivy league of toronto.

    Depending on what you're studying, I would look at McMaster in Hamilton, reason downtown toronto, or even Guelph if you're into sciences.

    Must be fluent in Punjabi and be very tolerant in terms of people and traffic.
  8. Fork Included

    Fork Included TD Admin

    I've heard of this US place... nice little community....
  9. Shotgun Jesus

    Shotgun Jesus Professional Cocksucker Staff Member

    Plenty of gay bars.
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  10. Jerk

    Jerk A Little Darkly

    Considering I have no knowledge of what you wish to study, I doubt I'll be much help but yeah. UofT has one of the most prolific names of any university in canada, in almost every field. York (osgoode hall) has a good law program. Queens is very preppy but has some good reputation. McGill, and Laurier/Waterloo are my personal top 3 to audition for next year. (I'm taking a fifth year of highschool, then going into music performance on violin, as such: I have no idea if any of those suggestions mean anything really.) As for Toronto itself, the people are very good at complaining about weather and shit, but tbh it's really not bad.

    Also, we torontonians have a lot of pride, for almost everything except for our choice in political leaders.
  11. amanshotme

    amanshotme TD Member

    Currently studying at UofT and gotta say that it isn't the friendliest place for undergraduates. It's pretty much a meat grinder where you pay money to them to well...grind you up. Not the greatest student experience, but if you're into engineering or computer science, it's a great school to go if you want to be a summer research student.

    As for the city, people are generally friendly. Gets hot in the summer months and friggen cold in the winter months. Don't bother taking streetcars (especially in the winter) as they are slow pieces of shit. Better off walking or taking the subway to your destination.
  12. MetalLobster

    MetalLobster TD Admin

    Every time I go visit my friend there during the Fall, I see students everywhere. UofWaterloo, Laurier, and Conestoga college makes downtown Kitchener one big student campus. If you want to know what it's like to live in a campus city Waterloo is it.

    Most of my friends in town go to York. Besides the safety concerns, York is alright. It's a good school if you decide to go to Schulich or Osgoode.
  13. nb

    nb DARKLY Regular

    Oh ya. ShootToMaim goes to Waterloo.
    Don't go there.
  14. MetalLobster

    MetalLobster TD Admin

    s2m is Asian. Finding him in UofWaterloo is like me telling you to go find Sandeep Patel in Brampton.
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  15. Lochnessmaster

    Lochnessmaster DARKLY Regular

    Toronto has lots to do and it a bad place place for hockey fans ATM because the Leafs suck
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