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Youtuber Sponcered Content

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BannerWolf, Jan 13, 2018.

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  1. BannerWolf

    BannerWolf I'm New Here

    Fist off I have no idea where this post should go so if it is in the wrong place please do let me know. Secondly if an admin is reading this might I ask that this post be restricted on who can vew it. Just in case private information is exchanged.

    Disclaimer: I do not work for this youtuber I am not profiting in any way just trying to help a friend that had asked for help. Therfore any financial dealings I prefer that they be done directly with him.

    Now onto the subject. A friend of mine Rydercicle has been having some hard timez with YouTube's demonstration so now he is looking for alternative ways to fund his channel. He has hit the 18,000 subs mark and averaging 6k views on TF2 videos. He is well know as the main heavy main on youtube. As for advertising packages he has some basic packages but is flexible for customization. (PS) Compared to other tf2 youtubers I consider his prices to be one of the lowest. Especially when you factor in subscriber to view ratio.

    So I have said my bit. Now I have no idea if this is something you guys are remotely interested in but I would love to hear what you think of sponcered youtube content. Do you think it's a good idea or a wast of time?
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
  2. ☭Balthamous☭

    ☭Balthamous☭ DARKLY Regular

    Sponsored content is always iffy, I'm not entirely opposed to it, if someone thinks that a product is good then I see no reason to not accept money to promote it. However, there is a quite negative side, especially in promotion of other personalities. If that person you choose to promote fucks up and does something stupid it can reflect badly on you.
    Certain services like gambling sites etc. pay a lot but give you the perception of being quite scummy no matter how reputable they are, for example poker stars etc.
    If someone I watch picks and chooses who or what to promote and discloses it at the beginning of the video I really have no problem with it providing it doesn't subtract from the actual content of the video.
  3. BannerWolf

    BannerWolf I'm New Here

    If Darkly was going to do something like this i would strongly recommend that they have the Youtuber read from a scrip to minimize mess up. But you have a good point how would the average tf2 youtube watcher react to sponcered content from a trade server compared to a tf2 gambling site?
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
  4. ☭Balthamous☭

    ☭Balthamous☭ DARKLY Regular

    Idk if it would be a good thing for Darkly specifically, you also have to take into account audience engagement with ads.
    The vast majority of people do not act directly off of ads they see, there might be potential brand recognition from people that both play and watch tf2 content but the general audience interaction I think would not outweigh the cost of sponsored content.
  5. BannerWolf

    BannerWolf I'm New Here

    You would think if they were watching tf2 that they would be playing it. You never know tho. The way I would word the script is something allong the lines "when I am looking to sell or trade any of my stuff this server is the place I go" that sort of idea
  6. Semper

    Semper I'm New Here

    Lets be honest, Any exposure for Darkly would just bring in more Idiots like me.

    Also Kerchoo.
  7. BannerWolf

    BannerWolf I'm New Here

    But isn't that a good thing? We like idiots ( no offense Semper) it's what make Darkly so chaotic. The mad ramblings of people like you and me is what drives the aids to new heights.

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