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[Solved] Windows 10 released today, woo.

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Tech45, Jul 29, 2015.

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  1. thomastronics

    thomastronics TD Member

    Should I go Download Windows 10 if I can? Or do you have to wait for Windows to send you the update?
  2. amanshotme

    amanshotme TD Member

    If you have fully updated your system, go download the media creation tool that Tech45 posted
  3. DrUgZ

    DrUgZ TD Admin

    thomas. no.
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  4. Glocky

    Glocky Drinking your tears

    All 3 PCs in the house (my gaming rig, my old gaming rig (now the daughters' rig) and the media PC all are "ready" but are all going to tell me when W10 is actually going to install. I'm OK with that, given the ups and downs in the media.

    Main concern is Corsair Link needs a workaround in W10 to function, but then again it needed a workaround in W8.1 to function properly too. Meh.
  5. Cmp™

    Cmp™ Retired Scrub

    I've had Windows 10 since the 30th, and I love it.

    I wish they had just combined the Speech Recognition with Cortana so you could control your computer with her. She doesn't seem to be able to recognize a few programs, like Team Fortress 2, but if I tell her to open Skyrim, she can do that. It's really those nitpicky parts that I have an issue with, but that's just assuming I'm too lazy to use the mouse.

    I think they did great on this one though.
  6. Tech45

    Tech45 Senior TF2 Admin

    Try asking Cortana to navigate to the Team Fortress 2 folder and launch hl2.exe
  7. Rams

    Rams TD Admin

    Computer shutsdown quick aswell

    Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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  8. Cmp™

    Cmp™ Retired Scrub

    I could try that later. Pretty sure she's just designed for simple stuff like searching things though.
  9. Cmp™

    Cmp™ Retired Scrub

    I take back my support for W10. It's still a useful OS in terms of interface, but it's giving Chrome a run for its money on the information it collects. Cortana isn't enabled unless you allow them to log everything and somethings you have to have the Enterprise version to disable at all.

    If you value privacy, do not upgrade.
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  10. amanshotme

    amanshotme TD Member

    I have no shame so I have sold my soul to Gates-san. Cortana will definitely be more useful on mobile. Will like to see how it compares to Google Now when it comes out on the Google Play store.
  11. Yukidesu

    Yukidesu I'm New Here

  12. OG buckshot jr

    OG buckshot jr TD Admin

    It will never enter my house. Ever.
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  13. ☭Balthamous☭

    ☭Balthamous☭ DARKLY Regular

    Compatibility is limited for older games on Win 10, namely 1.6,I tried installing it and had a lot of issues so I am back to 8.1 yet again. I should have done like I said I would and waited :o;
  14. amanshotme

    amanshotme TD Member

    Hmm that's odd, I installed 1.6 with Win10 and it has worked swimmingly....
  15. Hinouchi

    Hinouchi TD Admin

    How about stop playing those old ass game :D Let it die~ 1.6 is dead, it's all about CSGO now.
  16. ☭Balthamous☭

    ☭Balthamous☭ DARKLY Regular

    20 k people every day say otherwise.
  17. OG buckshot jr

    OG buckshot jr TD Admin

    I don't think compatibility is an issue. Microsoft just hasn't yet configured its spyware to work those programs. It will, just wait for updates.
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  18. HappySticks™

    HappySticks™ TD Admin

  19. OG buckshot jr

    OG buckshot jr TD Admin

    This, to me, is an indication that both the author and the article are bullshit. 90% of people don't even know Windows 10 is out, let alone have a friendly view towards it.

    P.S. opting out doesn't mean Microsoft (or any company) has to respect your decision. It's a false sense of security.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2015
  20. Cmp™

    Cmp™ Retired Scrub

    Yeah, the more I use this, the less I trust it. When trying to configure some settings, "some settings are managed by your organization."

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